Pointerra (ASX:3DP) - Managing Director and Co Founder, Ian Olson
Managing Director and Co Founder, Ian Olson
Source: Pointerra/LinkedIn
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  • Data-as-a-service company Pointerra (3DP) secures multiple contracts totalling $2.1 million
  • The new contracts are from three existing US utility companies: Florida Power & Light, NextEra Energy and Pacific Gas & Electric
  • The fourth contract is with electrical engineering specialists Gridvision
  • Just before the market opens for the week, Pointerra last traded at 53.5 cents per share

Cloud-based solutions company Pointerra (3DP) has been awarded multiple contracts totalling $2.1 million.

The new contracts are for three US utility companies and Australia’s Gridvision.

Pointerra has been chosen by existing customers Florida Power & Light (FPL),
NextEra Energy and Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE) to undertake defined scope

Florida Power & Light

FPL has awarded Pointerra a US$630,000 (A$867,000) contract to study and model the likely impact on powerline infrastructure of growth in vegetation next to the powerline network.

Pointerra will use aerial captures with sensors to predict vegetation growth. This contract is for 16 months and will commence this September.

FPL’s outcome of this contract is for better scheduling of vegetation management activities, which is a significant part of the utility’s ongoing network asset management operations.

Additionally, FPL has also awarded the company with a US$400,000 (A$550,000) project.

This contract is to work with FPL aerial capture contractor SMGnusing Pointerra3D to perform change detection after significant weather events over
a four-month period.

During the project, SMG will fly 3 separate epochs over the period so that Pointerra3D can be used to rapidly determine changes to the network as well as adjacent vegetation and built form.

NextEra Energy

NextEra (the parent company of FPL) has awarded Pointerra a US$50,000 (A$68,000) contract to help with a renewable energy expansion project.

Under the contract, Pointerra will use aerial drone capture to help NextEra plan the rollout of renewable energy sites across its service area using Pointerra3D.

“Pointerra expects that successful completion of the project will lead to greater use of Pointerra3D by NextEra as it grows investment in renewable energy solutions across the US,” the company said.

PGE – vegetation management analytics project.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE)

PGE has awarded Pointerra a US$180,000 (A$247,000) contract to further develop its vegetation management.

The contract is a six-month research and development project.

The project is separate to the ongoing deployment of Pointerra3D across the PGE

Gridvision- digital twins

Pointerra has been working with electrical engineering specialists Gridvision throughout 2020 and 2021 to develop power utility solutions for mutual customers in the mining sector in Australia.

The new digital twin solution combines the expertise of Gridvision with Pointerra3D’s platform and analytics capability to build detailed digital twins of
mine power grids.

These power grids are used for traditional vegetation management and asset condition assessment, as well as a range of emerging use cases to support non-process civil infrastructure management on mine sites.

During this month, Pointerra was awarded two projects totalling $270,000 to support Gridvision in mine powerline data capture and analytics campaigns.

These two sites bring to total number to four sites, for a combined contract value of $460,000.

Just before the market opens for the week, Pointerra last traded at 53.5 cents per share.

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