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  • Sydney-based Recce Pharmaceuticals are looking to fight a so-called global epidemic of ‘superbugs’ carrying cases of flu and common colds
  • Today, the company landed a European patent for its synthetic antibiotic product to combat the sweeping sicknesses – titled RECCE 327
  • The patent, active until November 2023, follows an identical success the company saw in America earlier this year in March to peddle the medical solution
  • According to the company, antimicrobial resistance in Europe has strengthened by 32 per cent over the last 12 years

What if you could fight off the common-cold with synthetic antibiotics? ASX listed Recce Pharmaceuticals is looking to do just that, today landing a European patent.

The patent granted by the European Patent Office grants protection for the product until November 2035.

The total of 15 claims under the patent application is a major European-first for the company.

Company Chairman Dr John Prendergast spoke on the importance of this achievement.

“The granting of this important patent family in Europe, together with the existing US patent portfolio is an important commercial and technical milestone as we continue to execute our intellectual property strategy and grow our worldwide patent protection for our unique synthetic antibiotic,”

Earlier this year in March, the company landed the same patent for use across America.

According to the company, the U.S. flu antibiotic market is worth US$42.33 billion today. Just like the European patent, the American patent covers the same basis until November 2023.

According to Recce, antimicrobial resistance in Europe has strengthened by 32 per cent over the last 12 years.

The company says its now-patented product, ‘RECCE 327’, is integral to fighting a global epidemic of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

The Immunisation Coalition of Australia claims 149,039 reported cases of the flu hit patients this year already.

This week, news outlets reported a 35-year old Queensland mum of three died after contracting the bug in a flu season that has hit Aussies particularly hard.

Recce’s patent for Europe will protect the product for manufacturing, administration and treatment application, giving the company a unique stronghold depending on its ability to fight the ‘superbugs’.

Despite a positive media release to shareholders this morning, share prices in RCE are sitting still at 21.5 cents a piece.

The company’s market cap is currently valued for $23.03 million.

RCE by the numbers
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