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CEO & Managing Director, Dr Tony Keating
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  • ResApp Health (RAP) secures two licence agreements with Alodokter and Medgate to have its ResAppDx diagnostic test integrated in their platforms
  • Alodokter offers telemedicine services to millions of patients and believes ResAppDx will improve the management of respiratory disease in Indonesia
  • The Medgate deal marks ResApp's first commercial telehealth licence deal in Europe and follows a successful trial of ResAppDx across Medgate's services
  • Pricing for both agreements will be on a monthly subscription basis and neither are expected to have a material impact on ResApp's operating results
  • Company shares rose 22.5 per cent to trade at 4.9 cents

ResApp Health (RAP) has secured two new agreements for its smartphone-based acute respiratory diagnostic test.

The first is software licence agreement with Indonesian-based telehealth company, Alodokter. The second is a commercial licence agreement with health services company Medgate.


Under the two-year deal, Alodokter will integrate the ResAppDx test in its namesake chat and telehealth services platform.

ResAppDx is a CE Marked and TGA-approved diagnostic test that uses machine-learning technology to analyse signatures in cough sounds to diagnose respiratory disease using a smartphone's inbuilt microphone.

Alodokter CEO, Nathanael Faibis, said the integration of ResAppDx on the Alodokter platform would help improve its offering.

"ResAppDx will help us to achieve medical excellence and support Alodokter to
provide reliable and trustworthy medical services for all Indonesians. ResApp’s technology will allow us to serve more patients in a remote, telehealth setting and effectively diagnose and treat their respiratory disease."

The Alodokter platform connects over 50,000 doctors and 1500 hospitals and clinics with millions of patients in Indonesia so they can make offline bookings and access insurance services, e-pharmacy and digital healthcare content.

ResApp CEO and Managing Director Dr Tony Keating was also pleased to partner with Alodokter.

"We believe our ResAppDx technology will provide significant benefit for Alodokter, their clinicians and patients and improve the management of respiratory disease in Indonesia.

Alodokter expects to launch ResAppDx on its platform before December 1, 2021.


Medgate operates the largest telemedical centre in Europe. It employs over 510 people worldwide, including over 200 physicians.

Like Alodokter, Medgate will integrate ResAppDx on its telehealth platform in Europe and the Philippines for an initial one-year term.

Medgate CEO Dr Andy Fischer said he was pleased to partner with ResApp.

"We’ve had a very positive response to ResAppDx from our patients, they can perform the test easily, understand the rationale and see immediate benefit in their telehealth consultation with our clinician.

"We are absolutely convinced that the use of new technologies like ResAppDx will advance our digital health platform."

The deal follows a successful pilot trial of ResAppDx across Medgate's services which confirmed the benefits of the diagnostic test for clinicians and patients.

Mr Keating was pleased to have secured its first commercial telehealth licence agreement in Europe.

"We are very appreciative of the ongoing support, collaborative partnership and key insights provided by the expert team at Medgate and look forward to working with them over the long term."

Both agreements specify pricing on a monthly subscription basis and neither are expected to have a material impact on ResApp's operating results.

Company shares rose 22.5 per cent to trade at 4.9 cents at 10:43 am AEST.

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