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  • A Canadian cannabis grower has planted its first crops using RotoGro’s cylindrical garden tech
  • Oakum Cannabis Corp has been testing and researching the tech for over a year but planted its first industrial batch of crops today
  • The RotoGro system boasts a higher crop yield and better storage for plants when compared to conventional growing methods, among other benefits
  • RotoGro shares closed 5.56 per cent down on the market today, worth 17 cents each

It’s another big day for RotoGro as Canada-based Oakum Cannabis Corp plants its first crops using RotoGro’s tech.

Oakum has been using RotoGro’s patented cylindrical hydroponic garden system for over a year to test and research the product but stepped things up a notch today.

After locking in the necessary cultivation licence, Oakum has planted its first commercial-scale cannabis crops with RotoGro’s technology.

By growing crops in a cylinder-shaped garden, the RotoGro systems boast a higher crop yield and more efficient storage for plants compared to conventional growing methods, among other benefits.

Oakum co-founder Anthony Charles said the company is confident its 48 RotoGro rotational gardens will exceed expectations.

“The planting of our first crops on a commercial scale is very exciting as we look to match and exceed yields in excess of 7 lbs of dry flower per rotational garden per 60-day growth cycle that we have consistently achieved to date,” Anthony said.

RotoGro CEO Adam Clode shared similar sentiments, saying Oakum has the know-how to make the most of the tech.

“Oakum is an exciting company, one with the resources in place to truly be an industry-leading operation,” Adam said.

“Their knowledge, coupled with the RotoGro systems and expertise, will certainly lead the way in lawful cannabis cultivation in Canada,” he said.

Today’s announcement comes less than a week after the company bought a 51 per cent interest in Canadian cannabis grower Medicinal Compassion CanniFarms.

The purchase means for the first time RotoGro will not just be supplying its tech to other growers but will be cultivating cannabis itself.

RotoGro’s shares closed trading 5.56 per cent down today, worth 17 cents each in a $22.09 million market cap.

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