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  • SciDev has received its initial order for its first fill of MaxiFlox chemistry for Iluka’s Jacinth-Ambrosia operation
  • This order represents more than $1 million worth of revenue for SciDev
  • MaxiFlox is designer for the treatment of wastewater across a range of industrial sectors

SciDev has received the initial purchase order for the first fill of its MaxiFlox chemistry at Iluka’s Jacinth-Ambrosia operation.

This order comes less than a month after SciDev won a three-year sales contract with Iluka – also for MaxiFlox.

This newest order represents more than $1 million of revenue for SciDev and is the first order under the recently signed agreement.

The MaxiFlox chemistry will be delivered to Jacinth Ambrosia in the December 2019 quarter.

SciDev is a leader in the development and application of both the chemistry and process control for solid-liquid separation. Its ‘next-generation’ technologies and capabilities can solve operational and environmental issues for mineral processing, tailings and water treatment.

OptiFlox is SciDev’s range of polymers (large molecules composed of repeated subunits) which are specifically designed for the treatment of process water and wastewater in the mining and minerals industry.

It is available in both liquid and powder form and comes in a wide range of molecular weights.

While it has many uses its main one is the clarification of both mine water and surface water runoff for multiple reuses, solid-liquid separation and slurry dewatering via filtration.

SciDev also has three other products of MaxiFlox, DairyFlox and BioFlox.

MaxiFlox is designed for the treatment of wastewater across industrial sectors such as food and beverage, paper and cardboard manufacturing, paint manufacturing, oil and gas production and power generation.

DairyFlox provides a safer, greener and cheaper method for treating wastewater and BioFlox is specifically designed for the treatment of wastewater and sludge in the sewage treatment sector.

SciDev is currently in a trading halt with shares priced at 28.5 cents before the halt. Its market cap is valued at $30.57 million.

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