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  • Perth-based company Suda Pharmaceuticals has gained recognition from the European Patent Office for its cancer treating mouth spray
  • Titled Anagrelide, the spray targets blood cells known as platelets that have been recognised to help the spread of cancer
  • The company claims mouth sprayed drugs are more effective than pills and tablets and if combined with immunotherapy, Anagrelide could combat a variety of cancers
  • The patent lodged by the company is active until December 2035 and also covers the use of patches, gels, lotions, creams and injections

What if you could slow the growth of cancer by spraying a drug into your mouth?

WA based company Suda Pharmaceuticals have that vision, and today announced the drug might be hitting European shores.

In a media release to the ASX this morning, the company cited recognition from the European Patent Office. The institution revealed it has intention to grant the company’s patent for the drug, ‘Anagrelide’.

“This is a very important step in our Anagrelide program,” company Chairman Paul Hopper said.

The pharmaceutical company is fully invested in drug treatments in the form of mouth sprays. It claims that while tablets and pills are recognised as the standard form of medication, less than 25 per cent is absorbed into the bloodstream.

However, Anagrelide can’t act alone in stopping the spread of cancer. Suda’s vision is to combine the treatment with immunotherapy and target the blood cells known as platelets.

“Anagrelide will slow the production of the platelets reducing the impact of these protectors of, and promoters of, tumour growth,” the company writes on its website.

Platelets are tiny blood cells circulating your body and are used to clot blood flow when you have a cut. Recently, platelets have been understood to play a significant role in the growth of cancer.

“[Anagrelide] also has the potential to improve the performance of some the most exciting new immunotherapies that are currently making their way onto the market,” the website states.

If successful, Anagrelide could inhibit cancer growth in bones, liver, kidneys, lungs, ovaries, the head, the neck, thyroid, the brain, the skin and more.

Immunotherapy truly is gaining recognition in the cancer treatment sector of health business.

Pharmaceutical and health care companies are recognising the body’s potential to prompt the immune system’s strength during cancer treatment to combat spreading.

“A strong patent position is critical for extracting the maximum value for a project in our industry, and to be informed of the intent to grant the European patent is a significant value creation point for the company,” Paul said.

The patent to soon be officially recognised in Europe is titled ‘Use of Anagrelide for Treating Cancer’ and will expire in December 2035.

The patent also covers using the drug formula in use of patches, creams, gels, lotions and injections.

Suda Pharmaceuticals’ place in the ASX is unchanged today. Shares continue to trade for 0.4 cents each in a $10.66 million market cap.

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