Tesserent Limited (ASX:TNT) - Chairman, Geoff Lord - The Market Herald

" Tesserent (ASX:TNT) acquires secure cloud services firm iQ3

It’s been a big morning for cyber-security business Tesserent (TNT) after it announced the acquisition of secure cloud services firm iQ3.
Vection Technologies (ASX:VR1) - Managing Director, Gianmarco Biagi - The Market Herald

" Vection Technologies (ASX:VR1) lodges healthcare patent application

Vection Technologies (VR1) has lodged a patent application to cover the technology used in its augmented reality (AR) healthcare solutions.
Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) - CEO, Chris Richardson - The Market Herald

" Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) to raise $5 million

Linius Technologies (LNU) has firm commitments to raise $5 million from professional and sophisticated investors.
Praemium (ASX:PPS) - CEO, Michael Ohanessian - The Market Herald

" Praemium (ASX:PPS) to purchase remaining shares in Powerwrap (ASX:PWL)

Investment manager Praemium (PPS) will move to compulsorily purchase the remaining shares in Powerwrap (PWL).
iCandy Interactive (ASX:ICI) - Chief Operating Officer, Desmond Lee (left) - The Market Herald

" iCandy Interactive (ASX:ICI) completes game trial with Google Play, as pre-orders soar

iCandy Interactive’s (ICI) game, Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen, has completed its early access trial in collaboration with Google Play.
icetana (ASX:ICE) - Managing Director & CEO, Matt Macfarlane - The Market Herald

" icetana’s (ASX:ICE) motion intelligence platform deployed at two U.S. prisons

Video analytics solutions provider icetana (ICE) has secured two orders for its motion intelligence platform from hardware vendor, Rasillient Systems.
Esports Mogul (ASX:ESH) - Managing Director, Gernot Abl - The Market Herald

" Esports Mogul (ASX:ESH) adds custom matchmaking to Fortnite tournaments

Online tournament platform Esports Mogul (ESH) will improve its Fortnite tournaments by adopting custom matchmaking.
AD1 Holdings (ASX:AD1) energised by Powerclub contract

" AD1 Holdings (ASX:AD1) energised by Powerclub contract

AD1 Holdings (AD1) subsidiary Utility Software Services, has signed a Master Services Agreement with energy retailer Powerclub.
iCandy Interactive (ASX:ICI) - Chief Operating Officer, Desmond Lee (left) - The Market Herald

" iCandy Interactive (ASX:ICI) raises another $1.2M

Mobile gaming outfit iCandy Interactive (ICI) has raised an additional $1.2 million in fresh capital via a placement to one investor.
SportsHero (ASX:SHO) - CEO, Tom Lapping (left) - The Market Herald

" SportsHero’s (ASX:SHO) Olahbola app passes 750,000 users

SportsHero’s (SHO) Indonesian locally branded international football app Olahbola has surpassed 750,000 new unique users.