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  • 3D geospatial data assessor Pointerra has signed an ongoing licensing deal with Wesfarmers subsidiary Decipher to provide its analysis and management services
  • Decipher is focused on progressing the agriculture and resources industry, calling for better waste management and land rehabilitation
  • The deal is indefinite and subject to cancellation at any time, though both parties have expressed interest in a continuing relationship and ongoing integration of Pointerra’s technology

3D geospatial technology developer, Pointerra has signed a big win with Wesfarmers subsidiary Decipher today.

Pointerra work in commercialising its 3D data assessment technology in a subscription model for assessing, managing, monetising and analysing other company’s 3D data.

As part of a Data and Analytics as a Service plan, Pointerra has signed an ongoing licensing agreement with Decipher to provide its services.

Decipher, started within the Wesfarmers company, is focused on changing the growing, agriculture and resource industry through data management of nutrition, land and waste disposal information for a more progressive industry.

“We are very excited about how we will leverage this technology to create more value for our customers and continue to grow our business in new sectors and in new countries,” said Decipher CEO Anthony Walker.

The agreement is open ended in nature and subject to cancellation at any time, though both companies have expressed interest to grow the deal over time.

“Pointerra’s 3D data technology continues to find new ways to support organisations to solve digital asset management problems across the globe,” said Pointerra Managing Director Ian Olson.

Decipher are currently providing cloud data solutions to over 60 countries, helping manage sustainability and profitability in resources.

Licensing of Pointerra’s technology is also planned for integration into smaller avenues DecipherAg, DecipherGreen and DecipherWaste.

Despite the announcement, Pointerra’s shares remain unchanged this morning. 3DP shares remain trading at 3.8 cents in a $19.8 million market cap.

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