The must-see shows at FRINGE WORLD 2020
Photo: Fringe World, Lottery West

FRINGE WORLD has an undeniable variety of shows to see. From cabaret, to design, to comedy, to film - there really is something for everyone.

However, a specific niche that attracts a particular taste, are the weird and wonderful shows FRINGE has to offer.

Below is a curated list of comedic theatrics that are probably a bit too whacky for some, but, if you want to branch out and experience something intriguing and bizarre, just read on.

Elizabeth Davie - Apex Predator


In a world full of predators, what's the next step? Who hunts the hunters? Enter the Apex Predatory.

Award-winning comedian, performer and theatre-maker Elizabeth Davie brings to you a 50-minute segment that explores "every woman's fantasy" of not fearing a dark alley or venturing to the shops for some essentials.

The Melbourne-based performer uses comedy, stand-up and clowning to play with danger and vulnerability.

"Sensational" ★★★★★ Perth Happenings, 2019
"Comedic brilliance" ★★★★½ Fringefeed, 2019


Venue(s): The Black Flamingo at The Ice Cream Factory

Date(s): Jan 17 - 19, 21 - 27, 29 - 31, Feb 1 - 2

Time(s): 8:00pm

Price: $20 - $27

Duration: 50 minutes

Adventures of the Bearded Lady


Theodora van der Beek makes solo theatre shows that challenge the gender binary by speaking to the "underdogs" and the "fat cats."

Van der Beek is considered an understated comic writer and performer who plucks inspiration from Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga, as well as Deborah Harry and the Sex Pistols.

So why not grab a seat and watch Theodora explore the mechanics of power and privilege.


Venue(s): Irish Club of WA Theatre, Catch22 Tapas and Cocktail Lounge, Tiki as FK, Casa Mondo at Yagan Square

Date(s): Jan 18 and 29, 31, Feb 1 - 2, Jan 17 - 19, 22 - 26, 30, Jan 25

Time(s): 7:00, 7:50, 8:00pm

Price: $20 - $25

Duration: 1 hour

Attenborough and his Animals


Watch two unlucky but enthusiastic clowns recreate scenes of the natural world that is on the brink of disaster.

Presented by Clownfish co-founders: Jess Clough-MacRae and Jonathan Tilley, the pair use light-hearted comedy to mime and clown the climate breakdown of Earth as well as to celebrate it.

Catch the five-star show for an hour of clowning, physical theatre and, probably, the largest variety of animals you've ever seen enacted on stage.

"Sir David Attenborough's wildlife documentaries spring to life on stage in the most surprising and delightful way." ★★★★1/2 The Advertiser, 2019


Venue(s): Chemistry at Girls School and Home Economics at Girls School

Date(s): Jan 28 - 31, Feb 1 -3, 5 -9

Time(s): 4:00 and 6:40 pm

Price: $26

Duration: 1 hour

Bald Man Sings Rihanna

Sourced DesignMyNight

Back for his fourth year at FRINGE, is Gary Sansome. Gary is a tough speaking baldy with international experience that spans the likes of the U.K., Ireland, North America, Australia and Europe.

Gary takes a disdainful look at popular culture in a fun-packed show.

"Escapism of the highest order... superb crowd-work, improvisation and the largest amount of energy I have ever seen used on stage. An hour of pure entertainment and hilarity" ★★★★★ Bunbury Magazine, 2017.


Venue(s): Allstars at The Aberdeen Hotel

Date(s): Jan 17 - 19, 21 - 25, 28 - 31, Feb 1 -2, 4 - 9, 11 - 16

Time(s): 6:00pm

Price: $20

Duration: 50 minutes

A Cult For You


Coming back for a seventh year at FRINGE is award-winning comic, Matt Storer.

In this one-hour show, Father Hooroo is certain he can make a mush of your mind. He's the "all-knowing, mystical seducer of souls" and demands complete devotion.

Only the purest of hearts and freakiest freaks will be considered worthy - just join the cult.

"Matt Storer is going to be a star." ★★★★ Fringefeed, 2018

"His talent won the crowd over incredibly quickly." ★★★★ The Music, 2017


Venue(s): Balmoral Hotel, The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar and Cafe, and Fremantle Comedy Factory at Sail and Anchor

Date(s): Jan 30 - 31, Feb 1 - 2, 14 - 16

Time(s): 7:30, 8:30, 9:00pm

Price: $20 - $25

Duration: 50 minutes

Jason Pestell: Kmart's The Greatest Shop Man


Jason Pestell is an award-winning comedian and the only man in the world who has spent 24 hours straight in Kmart. To top it off, he also holds the record for having visited 12 Kmarts in just one day.

The #KmartLad claims his 24-hour feat was to revive Holly's Restaurant. Holly's was a cafe every Kmart store had until it progressively started shutting down about 30 years ago, with the last closing in 2010.

"A definite must see for all Kmart fans and a solid, seriously go see it, for those who aren't Kmart fans." ★★★★½ Perth Happenings, 2019.


Venue(s): The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar and Cafe

Date(s): Jan 29 - 31, Feb 1 - 2

Time(s): 5:00 and 6:00pm

Price: $25

Duration: 50 minutes

Old Stock


Take a hippie trip back to the '60s with Suzi and Lulu as they relive the days of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

The comedic duo may not remember it all, but there's still life in these flower children yet!

Laugh, sing and dance along to the groovy beat of the swinging sixties.


Venue(s): Officers Lounge at Perth Mess Hall and The Basement at The Stables Bar

Date(s): Feb 4 - 6, 13 - 15

Time(s): 8:00 and 8:30pm

Price: $20

Duration: 50 minutes

Karen from Finance is Out of the Office

Sourced Karen From Finance

Aussie drag queen "Karen From Finance" presents her debut one woman show called "Out of Office" which features her signature high-camp and side-splitting mashups.

She has toured internationally with RuPaul's Drag Race alumni Trixie Mattel, Alaska, Bob the Drag Queen, Yummy, and more.

So pack your calculators, save your spreadsheets and set your email to auto reply because Karen From Finance is heading out of office and she's hitting the road hard.


Venue(s): Lotterywest De Parel Spiegeltent at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Date(s): Jan 17 - 20, 22 - 27, 29 - 31 and Feb 1 - 2

Time(s): 9:15pm

Price: $20 - $35

Duration: 1 hour

Kieran Bullock Builds IKEA Furniture on Stage and Talks to the Audience


"The title says it all really, and so it should. It's quite long. You. Me. Swedish flat-pack furniture."

Ever grapple with yourself over how deceivingly difficult furniture assembling can be? Even when the instructions promise you'll get it done in minutes and without pulling your hair out...

Well, join Kieran Bullock for a baffling show of home renovation. Expect stories, jokes and other nonsense while simultaneously watching the furniture building on stage.

Will Kieran beat the clock? Come along and see.


Venue(s): The Library at Girls School

Date(s): Jan 10 - 16

Time(s): 9:40pm

Price: $20 - $23

Duration: 50 minutes

The Hilary Duff Film Re-Enactment Festival


Most people have heard of Hilary Duff's Lizzie McGuire Movie and A Cinderella Story (right?).

Well emerging comedian Nicola Macri performs a live celebration and critique of the pop star's works with the use of some wigs and lots of props.

This show was a previous award winner so why not check out what all the fuss is about.

"Almost like a group therapy session... Jam packed full of millennial absurdity... The audience interaction was perhaps the best I have ever experienced at a Fringe show." ★★★★ Fringefeed, 2019


Venue(s): Lazy Susan's Comedy Den

Date(s): Jan 28 - 30

Time(s): 7:00pm

Price: $20 - $25

Duration: 50 minutes


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