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  • First order of business has been carried out by Zelira Therapeutics — a company birthed from a merger earlier this week
  • Zelira was founded through American company Ilera Healthcare, and Australian company Zelda Therapeutics
  • The merger formed a global powerhouse and dream-match up to further tap into the healthcare hemp market
  • Today Zelira announced it will be expanding its “hope” medicinal hemp product to the state of Louisiana — aimed at treating symptoms of autism
  • Hope is expected to return revenue by 2020’s first quarter
  • Shares in Zelda Therapeutics, still listed on the Australian market, last opened at 6.5 cents each

Newly birthed Zelira Therapeutics (ZLD), formed from a recent Australian-American merger, has taken care of first business since its change of name.

The company was officially birthed earlier this week, after a merger of Australian company Zelda Therapeutics and America’s Ilera Healthcare.

The merger was a match made in heaven, as Zelda combined its pharmaceutical and science-based knowledge with Illera’s positioning and toolset in the American hemp market.

As first order of business with a new masthead on the company, expansions are set for the company’s “Hope” product for the people of Louisiana in early 2020.

The medicinal hemp sourced product was formulated from Ilera and aims to treat symptoms of autism.

Zelira Chairman Osagie Imasogie
Image sourced from Youtube

“Our objective is to deliver high quality, clinically validated products and options to patients and physicians,” Zelira Chairman Osagie Imasogie said.

Osagie hails originally from Illera, maintaining the same position as Chairman from his previous company.

Zelda Therapeutics Chairman Harry Karelis moved to Deputy Chairman once Zelira was formed.

“This team has world-class expertise in clinical trial design, drug development, cannabinoid science research and product launch, distribution and management,” Harry said.

“With Hope in the U.S. and global markets we now have the accessibility to address more patient needs and the ability to distribute the Hope portfolio through licensing agreements within the U.S. and globally, with expected revenues in the first half of 2020.”

The Hope franchise product line was first launched in Pennsylvania in May 2019 under Ilera.

The merger that formed Zelira gave a massive boost in reach for both Zelda and Ilera — being able to simultaneously hit markets in America, Australia, Germany, and the U.K.

Zelira management stated the commercial terms of today’s Hope expansion into Louisiana today “remain confidential”.

Shares in Zelira Therapeutics, still listed on the Australian market, last opened at 6.5 cents each.

ZLD by the numbers
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