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  • SUDA Pharmaceuticals (SUD) has announced a patent application for its Anagrelide mouth spray has been approved by the Japanese Patent Office
  • The mouth spray is currently approved by the U.S. FDA and the European Medicines Agency
  • Anagrelide is used to treat and prevent metastatic disease in the bones or lungs
  • It does so by targeting platelets which have been shown to increase the spread of cancer and suppress immune responses
  • The Japanese patent is valid until December 2035
  • SUDA is up 10.3 per cent and shares are trading for 4.3 cents each

SUDA Pharmaceuticals (SUD) has announced that the Japanese Patent Office has now accepted its patent application for Anagrelide.

Anagrelide is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA)approved mouth spray drug to treat blood disorders.

SUDA is currently the only company in the world with patents covering the use of Anagrelide to treating and preventing metastatic disease in the bones or lungs. Recent research has shown that platelets play a role in facilitating the growth and spread of cancer, as well as suppressing immune responses to cancer.

It has also been shown that cancer cells can sometimes trigger chemicals to send a signal to the body to produce more platelets.

“To have the Japanese Patent Office grant this patent is a great step in the right direction for the Anagrelide program,” CEO Dr Michael Baker said.

“With a population of almost 130 million people, a granted patent in Japan represents a significant market opportunity,” Michael added.

The Japanese Patent Office will grant SUDA’s Application No. 2017-534600, titled ‘Use of Anagrelide for Treating Cancer.’

The granted patent will expire in December 2035.

SUDA is up 10.3 per cent and shares are trading for 4.3 cents each at 2:19 pm AEST.

SUD by the numbers
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